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International Cooperation Fabrication Laboratory

A strong sister city relationship existing between Boston/ Massachusetts in the USA and Sekondi/Takoradi in Ghana has also yielded remarkable benefits. This is the establishment of an extra ordinary educational research centre in personal and digital fabrication laboratory (fab –lab) at TTI the purpose for the establishment of this facility is to teach hands on practical skills in computing, electronics and machine fabrication to students of all ages and to stimulate local entrepreneurial ventures based on digital fabrication skills acquire at TTI.

This sister city relationship led to the arrival in Ghana and TTI specifically in July 2004, a two-member team from Massachusetts institute of Technology (M.I.T) in the USA, Sherry Lassiter the Centre Manager for Bits and Atoms (CBA) and Amy sun a research assistant at CBA with technology equipment worth about 350,000 us dollars for the establishment of the Ultra-Modern Computer Controlled Personal Fabrication Laboratory. This was closely followed by the visit of Director of the Centre for Bits and Atoms Professor Neil Gershenfield.


Москва Ховрино купить закладку: кокаин, героин, гашиш, спайс, экстази, мефедрон, амфетамин, мдма, шишки и бошки FABLAB GOAL

The goal of fab lab ties with the vision of the institute, i.e. To identify the community problem and find possible solutions to them example production of low cost antennae to make communication assessable to as many as possible and to convert renewable energy such as solar and wind to power machines and mechanize our agriculture and local art and craft industry.


Equipment: This include

The laser clutter: this is a high-resolution precision cutting machine that can cut materials such as acrylic, wood cardboard and cocks. It performs engraving on similar materials as well.

The vinyl sign cutter: this prints on foils for screen printing, similarly it can also print electronic circuits and cut 2 and 3 D shapes and many more.

The Roland Modela: it is a high-resolution Machine that prints electronic circuits and can cut 2 and 3D shapes and many more.

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The Ghana Fab Lab has a very high patronage made up enthusiastic students and learners of different categories of users ranging from the young age 7 years to the adult age 60 years. On the average 30 people visit the lab a day. Students from first and second cycle institution as well as tertiary institution both within and out of the Metropolis are regular users of the fab –lab. Other users include organized trade association such as the electrical contractors and female students from the Women Training Institute. Children from the orphanage also find time to come to the fab– lab to learn new skills in designing.

Few individuals visit the Fab Lab to share ideas with the students and also interact with the users on finding solutions to communal problems. Most often the younger ones are assisted by their senior colleagues in the use of the computers and other facilities. This encourages peer to peer learning mechanism in problem sharing and findings to problems.



Few projects were initiated; these are fufu pounder, the antennae as well as the vortex tube project. All the above-mentioned projects, are designing and building of simple electronic circuits including transistor amplifiers etc. others are key holders, identification tags, souvenirs etc.

These notwithstanding consultations have been going on with different categories of people in order to put the Fab lab into a more functional and productive use not forgetting its educational objectives. The Fab Lab over the periods designed and builds solar panels for three communities in the Western Region as a source of energy since these Communities do not have access to the National Grid.



TTI has the ultimate vision of becoming a centre of excellence in the provision of highly trained manpower for both industry and self-employment.

  • The Austrian Government is embarking on the rehabilitation and refurbishment of Mechanical, Electrical/ Electronics, Welding, Catering, ICT workshops/ facilities.
  • TTI has been selected for upgrading to enable us offer specialized training for craftsmen/ technicians in the oil and gas industry in the areas of electrical/ electronic, welding and fabrication, mechanical (hydraulics pneumatics).

In the light of Austrian and the World Bank assistance, we will like to train to meet the demand of the workforce for oil and gas industry for Ghana and international establishments within that industry.